Black Lives Matter

Liverpool, July 2016.










Taken on Canon AE-1 Program using Kodak Ektar 100 film.




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  1. Beautiful Photos. I never thought that Great Britain had the same racial issues as America. I always thought that Europe was more tolerant. I guess I was way off. I have family in England, but I never hear from them.

  2. I can’t believe people still see race as an issue. Seriously folks it’s this simple: We are essentially the same, blood, bone, sinew and hair. What we should be doing, is progressing our under standing of the natural world around us through scientific process and disregarding anything as superficial and bullshit as race, gender and orientation. Black lives don’t matter, all lives do. Equally. Pass it on.

  3. I feel like that particular disagreement is crazy. Black lives matter and the whole movement is definitely inspiring and beautiful, to see people gather and help one another due to all the past issues with certain victims BUT seriously, ALL lives matter too. I mean black and white and Hispanic people alllll get treated differently and police brutality against victims happen all the time with everyone so it shouldn’t just be Black. It should be all. It’s all broken down to rascism, some cops are just plain racist and the fact that rascism still exists is why this is happening. ALL LIVES MATTER. And if you even think about it, when America was first even colonized, the Europeans/whites were slaves as well. We cannot mention slavery when each race has actually been apart of having dealt with slavery and being excluded from certain other groups!

  4. This is so emotional and inspiring! The images speak out!

  5. Excellent photos!

    TSS Staff

  6. The pictures create a strong illusion of unity in a diverse world ,especially on a strong issue like this, however I do observe that literally most of the individuals in the photos are white, it is sadly I do feel that the black community may not strongly believe in BLM

  7. They try to bury us.. But they don’t know we are seeds…love love absolutely

  8. someone should print t-shirts saying “I’m not a colour” would have more of an impact and more power than BLM. We as man/woman kind are not colour. We are people. And peoples lifes is what matters. Stop the freaking race war.

  9. These protests and labeling a movement black lives matter is racism as well. Equality comes from not labeling

  10. Who is superior or inferior is an matter of debate and it’ll continue till this human race will survive, well when we look back in time about how life come on earth it was in dispersed state in water may be at that time life was simple at that time and as the time passed by life started to become more and more complex as the way of thinking of living creature have changed a lot. Some people think we are the most civilized creature on this planet but merely standing on two foot doesn’t mean we are real human, well when we look back for the origin of modern human then we have to know more about Africa from where all this modern human being have originated and migrated to different part of the globe so how can blacks be an inferior from any body. Yes I agree with the last photograph which states “We are the seeds…”

  11. Can we just let eachother have their own opinions. That is why we fought wars for… Right. All lives matter but too some of us no lives matter because of the color of your skin. While the truth is often hard to swallow it is still the truth.

  12. Thank you – vivid in every sense.

  13. I love the photos and imagery. I just wrote a piece about Black Lives Matter and Martin Luther King and the importance of being accurate and informed about both

  14. So many powerful shots. Amazing.

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