By The Sea: Pt 2

Here is the second part in my ‘By The Sea’ series of photographs.

The first few shots were taken near the beach hut, which looks out at the ocean. We spent a lot of time there that day, as we do every summer, passing time by chatting, swimming (that took some bravery at first, even with a wetsuit against the cold), playing tennis and eating chips.

The last shot was taken from the nearby cliffs later on, in the early evening when the fog finally lifted and the clouds started to burn off, showing off the colours of the Devon coastline in all their glory; the bright red of the cliffs, the verdant blanket of forest and most strikingly, the bright blues and greens of the sea, which could rival the Aegean on a clear day.

I like the contrast in this post of the moody atmosphere in the first few shots, juxtaposed with the vivid, rich colours in the last shot; to think the photos were taken within a few hours of each other, after a stormy period late in the afternoon.

The third and final post in this series will be up next week._25_0060 _26_0061 _27_0062

_37_0072 EDITTaken on Canon AE-1 Program using Kodak Ektar 100 film.

In response to Lucile’s Photo Rehab Clinic



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  1. That last shot.. oh my ❤

  2. I like the vintage feel of # 1, the colour palette strikes me as from the 70s (I’ve no idea why I seem to like that look, perhaps it is because I was a kid in the 70s), same with #3 although obviously quite dark with a random hand in the bottom, I am not that this it works, but I liked the washed out background look from it. #4 looks lovely and shows that the English coast can look as good as anywhere else on a nice day.

    • Thank you for taking the time to write that comment; I get what you mean about the first one, though I’m not sure why either! Yeah I was was unsure about whether to include the third shot, but I decided I quite liked it in the end, its very different from the others and I like the way the colour shows up on the edges of the shirt and her arm. I get what you mean about the hand-it makes the image quite untidy, but I also like the moment it captures. And the last shot was an easy one, how can you screw up with a view like that in front of you!

  3. Thank you for joining the Photo Rehab and welcome!
    I LOVE that you do film photography! And of course I adore your photos.
    You could check the Imagecraft Bootcamp posts that Mitch Zeissler hosts in my blog. He uses film a lot and shares wonderful images.

  4. That last image is remarkable. And I love the placement of people in your other compositions. Looking forward to seeing more!

    • Thank you for your lovely comment Lisa! I took a look at your blog and think what you’re doing is brilliant! Have you ever watched the netflix documentary ‘Maidentrip’? I think you’d really enjoy it, its about a 14 year old Dutch girl who sails solo around the world.

  5. What a stunning piece of coastline! You’ve captured it well 🙂

  6. Its so serene and beautiful. Beaches calling me soon..

  7. these are so beautiful! i can definitely feel the vibe you were trying to go for!

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