By The Sea: Pt 1

These shots were taken during a trip to Devon in August; on a warm, but drizzly evening which we spent going for a peaceful swim on one of our favourite beaches, which was completely empty (on account of the rain) and blissfully quiet. Or at least it was mostly peaceful, until you nearly swim into a jellyfish every ten minutes or so; an unfortunately typical feature of Devon’s beaches during warm summers.

I found that a lot of the shots from the trip came out with a similar (somewhat beautiful) hue, which could be down to the misty weather or perhaps the development of the film; if you have any ideas of why this is the case please let me know. I’ve also found that the place I’ve been getting my film developed at for the last couple of rolls tends to make the photos come out more contrasted than other places I’ve used, with a few on each roll actually ending up somewhat ruined because of it. As my editing skills aren’t really up to scratch enough to correct those photos, I think I’ll have to find a new place.

This post is the first in a three-part series of shots from this trip, all capturing snapshots of the time we spent either at the beach or in the sea itself.
_19_0054 _20_0055 _21_0056 _24_0059Taken on Canon AE-1 Program, using Kodak Ektar 100 Film.

Let me know what you think!

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Happy Place.”



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  1. I love your photos and the mood they have. It is wonderful to see that you are taking analogue photos.

  2. They are beautiful….it feels like twilight:) Then my next thought was, how cold was that water? 🙂

  3. These are beautiful! You’re right, the hue really affects the mood. That second one is particularly lovely!

  4. There is mystery in these photographs, I am no expert but in the UK, on a cloudy day I’d use 400 ISO film, maybe there was just no enough light if you were expecting more realistic colours

    • That could well be what it is! I was only using 100 ISO film (which usually does well in most settings) that + mist + overcast film of cloud and rain might be why I’ve got that effect. Although I quite like it, it gives it a kind of ethereal atmosphere I think. Sometimes mistakes on film actually turn out quite beautifully.

      • Sometimes when I pick up prints from the lab I am disappointed because they don’t match the colours I had in my mind when i took the photographs but then by looking at them more and more I end loving them, and appreciating what has happened to the film

  5. Wow, these are beautiful!

  6. Loved those photos– makes me want to go dive into the ocean!

  7. Such lovely photos – I really like the atmosphere you have been able to create in them!

  8. Wonderful photos! They make me want to be their 🙂

  9. Beautifully retro! Dreamy really. Very nice

  10. Absolutely beautiful photos 🙂 Thank you for sharing! I feel the happy vibe.

  11. Before our newspaper switched to digital we shot with film from 400 ISO to 3200 ISO, black and white. Newsprint being what it is, it never did justice to a fine-grained photo, so we regularly “pushed” the film to allow for lower-light photography. That worked very well for sports photography in a well-lit gym. It cut down on lugging a bulky flash around. We’d even push 3200 ASA film to 6400 ASA, at times. Drove the people in our darkroom crazy, but we got good photos. Love the fact you are working with film. It’s an arty thing to do.

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