Fletcher, The Beagle

The following are a few shots of my 4 year old beagle, Fletcher who I realised I’ve never formally introduced. As you might have noticed, I end up with quite a lot of shots of Fletcher because I walk him most days in various forest/beach locations and often have my camera with me anyway.

I enjoy shooting him because unlike people, who might shift or exaggerate their expression or position when they see a camera in the corner of their eye, dogs tend not to notice or care about what you’re doing and thus don’t really possess the ability to pose or play up for the camera.

This results in the shots I end up with being reliably organic; the first one in this post consists of him waiting for me to stop playing around with my camera and catch up with him, the second captures the moment before he sped after a pigeon flying from a tree in the garden and in the third he had trotted back to check on me after being out of sight for a few moments.


11A_0013Taken on Canon AE-1 Program using Kodak Ektar 100 film.



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  1. beautiful shots! and your dog is adorable!

  2. Beautiful dog and the natural photos of him are wonderful!

  3. Fletcher really is a poser lol

    Your pictures are so beautiful…

  4. Great shots, I think my fav is the middle one when e is looking up.

  5. These are lovely, the light is beautiful in all of them. I really enjoy photographing my pooch too.

  6. Aw, great photos of your pup!

  7. I love taking pictures of animals. Beautiful pictures of your pup he is so cute.

  8. Great pics! Dogs are great. They live in the now and there is so much we can learn from them, if we just stop for a moment and listen with more than our eyes.

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