• A Moment Between Sisters •

A quiet moment shared between sisters, overlooking a tranquil Welsh lake.
CNV00021-Snowdonia, Wales.

Taken on Canon AE-1 Program using Kodak Ektar 100 film.




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  1. Beautiful view and great picture!

  2. that’s love

  3. Reblogged this on The Missal and commented:
    My daughters would like this…

  4. Nice work i really can relate

  5. I wish i had a sister too… great work annie

  6. Great Picture and an awesome location! We are travel bloggers and you just inspired us to look into that corner of the world.
    Thank you.

  7. The Queen of Chai June 21, 2016 — 2:58 am

    What a beautiful image!

  8. What a wonderful photo. It made me think of my sister immediately.

  9. Your picture puts words to my tongue. I love my sister too.

  10. This is something heartwarming….which I could relate to!

  11. Uncredibly awsome ….oh my!!

  12. It’s is beautiful image..i wish my sister and i can have interesting moment ..we always have an angry argument..

  13. Beautiful♥

  14. Beautiful picture. Elder sister is your second mother. She always keeps you happy.😊

  15. Beautiful place and beautiful picture!

  16. Ilike good and nice…

  17. I just love this. Miss my sister. 🙂

  18. Lovely! Sisters are best friends. 🙂

  19. So so warm a photo..Loved Wales..

  20. Beautiful! And wonderful!

  21. mylifeasseashore June 25, 2016 — 4:15 pm

    That’s so sweet ! I am an only child but this pic makes me wish that i had a sibling too

  22. mehmetkalaycioglu June 26, 2016 — 10:47 am

    Wonderful! It made me very emotional lol thanx for this amazing blog!

  23. What a beautiful picture…. Reminds me of my sisters… Wish we could spend some time together….

  24. Heart touching post… loved it.. as we are three sisters.. love you dee n Lilly

  25. This picture reminded me of my best friend, we were as close as two sisters.

  26. How can you captured the every bit of life
    So nicely,
    And spare the camera still having so much
    This is my way of poetry
    A (.) dot on the paper
    Wanna concentrate
    Concentrates on Dot
    To explore
    Use rest of the space .
    (Actually I write poem or anything which my mind speak in Hindi) if I write something nonsense try to find some sense in me.

  27. So cute

  28. I would love that kind of relationship with one of my sisters.

  29. So amazing I have a cousin sister who is very close to me just like my own sister
    I Love You Sis!!!!

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