Wales: The Lonely Lighthouse

Shots of a drizzly but bright afternoon at a beautiful Welsh island lighthouse, which we enjoyed so much we returned the following evening at dusk to see it at work.CNV00015 CNV00022CNV00017 CNV00023EDITCNV00026CNV00031 CNV00021 (2)CNV00033




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  1. Hi there! I saw your comment on another post and thought I’d check out your blog. These pictures are absolutely incredible and they make me want to hop on a plane to Wales right now. Keep doing what you’re doing and I’ll be back to see more of your photography.

    • anotherlifeinlondon July 21, 2015 — 9:33 pm

      Hi, ah thanks for taking the time to have a look at my blog. What a complimentary comment! Thank you, its good to have some objective feedback, hopefully you’ll continue to enjoy my photos. Where are you from? I’d definitely recommend you visiting Wales if you’re ever in the UK, its a truly beautiful place.

  2. Love the colors of the ocean in the 2nd and 3rd shots! I’m not sure why it wouldn’t take me to your blog when I clicked on your blog before. It was trying to take me to anotherloseinlondon and not anotherlifeinlondon.

  3. Hello there!
    What were these shots taken on?
    Really beautiful photos, the Lighthouse and the sea looks truly incredible!

    • Thank you Jordan! It was an amazing place, these were taken on a Canon AE-1 using Kodak Ektar 100 film.

      • No problem! It really looks it!
        Ah, an absolutely fantastic camera, that’s my main shooter.
        Do you ever shoot with anything else?

        • Yeah I think you get everything you need in an SLR in the AE-1 P! I’d really love a decent DSLR, but its a matter of saving up really. Other than that I use my phone (Samsung Galaxy S5) which has a really great camera on it, if you click ‘digital individual shots’ on my homepage you can see a few of the shots from my phone that I’ve got round to uploading (there are tens of thousands, so its quite time consuming going through them!).

          But the AE-1 is definitely my favourite to shoot on, there’s something very satisfying for me in manual photography. What do you shoot on?

          • The AE-1 is just unbelievable, I only recently in fact developed some film from it and I was blown away, I got some superb photos and some crazy effects on the film.

            Yeah, I’m the same, I’d love a Canon 5D mark iii, but that is very much camera goals. I fortunately get to use a Canon 600D but I’m always aiming to improve.

            I’ll take a look around later 🙂

            Same here, really love it too.
            I primarily shoot on disposable believe it or not, I think they’re fantastic, they’re so pure and they do just shoot gold. Most of the photos I upload are from disposables, I just adore them.
            I also use my IPhone 5s and the AE-1P like yourself (:

            • I could drool over some of those DSLRs, the price tags are just crazy though. Another SLR I’d really love (definitely camera goals too as they don’t come remotely cheap) would be a rolleiflex medium format camera.

              I can understand the attraction with disposable, it allows you to capture purely a moment without worrying about ISO etc. I went through a phase about a year ago of loving the Instax mini too; I just loved the instant printing. There’s something magical in every format of photography.

              Do you upload your pictures to your blog? I’ve tried to look at it a few times but just get met with a weird first blog post page. If you do have a blog, give me your url as I’d love to take a look.

              • I know, I’d have to save for quite a long time to buy a lens, let alone the actual camera!
                Yes, definitely, I’m always looking around for that kind of camera.
                I’d love a Hasselblad, they are just extraordinary, I got to use one a while ago, I’ve made a post about it actually!

                Exactly, they’re so easy and they just always capture the perfect moment.

                I got an Instax mini for christmas last year!
                I had a big craze about polaroids, they’re picture perfect. The printing is super cool.

                I do indeed! Strange, but yeah this is the link 🙂
                I hope you enjoy 🙂

  4. I love the dog with the lighthouse in the distance. Also thanks for mentioning the film you use.

  5. Certainly looks like a nice place to spend some time.

  6. loving all the beautiful photos

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