The Arrival of Spring

This month I had the fifth roll of film processed since I first began using my SLR and upon reviewing the photos, one thing was pretty apparent: Spring has arrived. The pictures were no longer backlit with the crisp, often stark colours of winter but instead blushed with the vibrancy of the ultimate spring flowers (Daffodils) in bloom, surrounded by a hue of intense green.

CNV00033CNV00032_StraightenedCNV00037 CNV00028CNV00030CNV00036CNV00029CNV00027 CNV00026_straightenedCNV00021

Most of the pictures here were taken on a couple of trips to different parks, during a burst of spring sunshine. As ever, please feel free to give me any feedback/pointers for how to improve.



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  1. One pointer I can give as a fellow photographer who’s also married to a photographer is to keep your horizons straight. If you’ re going to have then angled, it should be because you intended to do it for a more dramatic pose! For the most part your horizons are straight! Awesome pictures to gaze at…they make me want to linger, you have the great ability to make people stop and take your pictures in…Great job!

  2. I think my favs are the 1st one, I like the view through the trees looking onto the dafs which seem to go on forever. And the one with your dog getting the ball, that was taken at exactly the right time.

    • Thank you, yeah that one with Fletcher makes me laugh-I didn’t think it would come out clear, usually the ones where he’s running around are just a blur! That park is stunning in spring; they have this whole section dedicated to Marie Curie, hence all the Daffodils and its just stunning.

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